OncoAmericas is responsible for MD Health’s operations in Latin and North America. Our mission is to promote independently and innovatively the dissemination of medical oncology education to healthcare professionals, helping to improve the cancer patient’s journey. The group has several specialists in the most diverse sectors of cancer treatment and support areas in order to offer the best solution for professionals and companies in Oncology Market.

We specialize in helping companies and healthcare professionals to develop creative solutions to enhance the knowledge in Oncology Market.

MDHealth Group

MDHealth Group is the biggest independent medical education company in Brazil and Latin America. We provide solutions for healthcare professionals and companies. Our goal is to provide innovative content to healthcare professionals using fast learning.

Our goal is increase access to information of the various professionals that are working in the area, through content innovation and in line with the agility of fast learning applied in health.


Oncologia Brasil

Oncologia Brasil is an independent medical education company focused on Oncology. We have specialists in the most diverse sectors of cancer treatment, and we provide relevant content and tailored solutions for healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical industry, patients and others.